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The Pearlescent Expanse is an original setting for use with Beam Saber and other games, currently in-development! Aureate is my little corner of it: a world of golden sands, once the capital of a hopeful frontier, now mired in war - and revolution. 

This is a very rough beta version of a quickstarter preview, as a sort of proof-of-concept. It contains a one-page primer for the setting, a brief overview of the peoples that make up the world, a premade Squad with four pregenerated Pilots, and a starting scenario. It requires the core Beam Saber book to run, and you'll be in uncharted waters if you try to build a campaign off of it, though if you try I'd love to hear about it.

Eventually, Aureate will get a full book treatment, and release as a proper Supply Drop: three new Factions, overviews of the cultures that populate the setting (with tips for creating your own characters), almost 40 new Squads, and a number of new Vehicles... but first, I have to finish my home campaign of it. 

This is an early draft! It will get refined as time goes on, and eventually see layout and art beyond my own meager skills with Google Docs and Paint. It’s currently free - though donations are welcome!

The playbooks linked within are the work of Erik Rådman, using text from the Beam Saber core rulebook by Austin Ramsay.


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